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MVP Interactive to launch AllPass internal ticketing solution for tracking game ticketing requests

The web-based platform AllPass aims to help sports teams streamline requests from executives, players and coaches.

AllPass Ticketing Concierge

by Ethan Joyce

Efficient Entry

MVP Interactive’s AllPass serves as an internal ticketing solution to track requests from execs, players and coaches.

MVP Interactive is rolling out AllPass, a web-based solution that can serve sports teams as an internal ticketing solution to track game ticketing requests for the likes of executives, players and coaches. AllPass also houses a full concierge-style offering that will include the ability to make daycare or hotel arrangements for away games. With more additions in the future like restaurant reservations, MVP Interactive aims to create a travel agency-type offering for the sports industry.

The deployment of AllPass comes from the IP acquisition from a small sunsetting tech company that experienced pre-COVID success while servicing the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, according to MVP Interactive CEO James Giglio. “That’s where most folks are looking to monetize ticket sales, is for consumer facing opportunities,” Gilgio told SBJ. “We’re looking at this as a real operational and personnel opportunity and want to make this a streamlined flow for an operational purpose.”

During that negotiation period (the purchase closed earlier this year), months of market research showed that the need for a product like AllPass still existed despite the numerous ticketing providers in the sports industry. Giglio said he learned that some organizations would send someone down to the locker room with a clipboard to ask how many tickets each player needed. In other situations, players might go through their ticketing app accounts just like a fan would.

Home Game User Experience

Giglio said this is not an effort to eliminate a role. In its simplest usage, AllPass can be notetaking app for requests or an entry point for logging in and determining travel needs and preferences. Giglio said the service at its base level would cost $25,000 per season, and that MVP Interactive is actively renegotiating with the handful of teams that were using the service prior. MVP Interactive has more than 60 partnerships with brands, teams and leagues.

This is a very different type of venture for the immersive tech company, builder of experiences like the Fan Zone with the Columbus Blue Jackets at Nationwide Arena and AR integrations powered by Verizon at Miami Dolphins games to honor Hall of Famer Zach Thomas. Giglio felt that with MVP Interactive’s technical background, AllPass can continue to expand and ease the pain points around moving pieces.

“I do think it really streamlines for families,” Giglio said. “If you think about the PGA and LIV golf tours, you have year-long arrangements and so many locations and so many family obligations. … So I think being able to give the power to the individual the ability to do it just takes such an operational east off of another admin and knowing that it’s completely databased.”

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