Your Ticketing Concierge

Mobile Ticketing and Event One-Stop Shop

What Is It?

AllPass is a web-based concierge ticketing app that streamlines the process of gathering key ticket requests by providing users with a one-stop resource. With AllPass, personnel can order and arrange their key event requests, such as seat location, the total number of tickets, and other accommodations like hotel bookings, daycare, and parking, directly from their mobile device. The platform provides real-time tracking and reporting features, simplifying the ticketing process and making it easy to manage all aspects of an event in one place, all from their mobile device.

Platform Features

Real-time inventory management

Seating selection

Custom fields, for example users can book hotels, parking, daycare

Order history reports

Ticket Automation

Mobile ticket requests and distribution

Seating management

Integrates with ticket distribution platforms

In-app purchases

Security features

How Does AllPass Work?

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