AllPass: Your Ticketing Concierge

Effortlessly Distribute Tickets to Key Personnel, Players, and Coaches for Seamless Coordination for all of your Events

About Our Ticket App

AllPass is a web-based concierge ticketing app that streamlines the process of gathering key ticket requests by providing users with a one-stop resource. With AllPass, personnel can order and arrange their key event requests, such as seat location, the total number of tickets, and other accommodations like hotel bookings, daycare, and parking, directly from their mobile device. The platform provides real-time tracking and reporting features, simplifying the ticketing process and making it easy to manage all aspects of an event in one place, all from their mobile device.

How It Works

Advanced User Experience

Just open the app and find your event to select seat choices, book hotels, access VIP passes, etc. Easily add or manage WILL CALL names and other special info and instructions for each order. Once users submit their order through the ticketing app, they receive a text/email notification, outlining the event and order’s details. All orders can be changed, modified, or cancelled at any time, up to the closing date/time chosen by the internal Ticket Operations Group.

How It Works

Ticket Ops Workflow Solution

Ticket Ops reclasses internal tickets in your ticketing system and builds out event order forms for the event and concierge app. All requested orders are reserved on TM/Archtics accounts. Ticket Ops releases/sells reserved tickets onto each user’s Archtics account. Order database captures all details by event and by user for each original order and updated order request. This database is updated immediately and contains a digital paper trail for each user’s order history by event.

Benefit Features

Best Ticket App for your Team

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Mobile ticket requests and distribution
  • Seating selection (Users can select their preferred seat location for the event)
  • Seating management (Users can update ticket holder name and quantity)
  • Multi-user access
  • Custom fields, for example users can book hotels, parking, daycare
  • In-app purchases
  • Integrates with ticket distribution platforms
  • Order history reports
  • Ticket Automation
  • Security features; Ticket validation to prevent fraud.

Key Capabilities

Direct Integration With Your Ticketing Software

Display the sections and seats that you have reclassified for that specific user group.

  • Ticket Operations maintains complete control over seat reclass, inventory availability, price, control, and visibility designated by user group.
  • Users select seats based on reclassed inventory you make available to that group.
  • Users manage their ticket selections, who they want to sit with, etc. without requiring direct involvement from Ticket Operations.
  • Tickets are processed through your ticketing software.
  • Internal use reclass tickets are displayable by user group for user selection, reservation, and purchase onto their account by Ticket Operations.

Enjoy concierge app capabilities to create game/event order forms to include anything and everything you provide internal users.

Your Users Have Full Control

Selecting and reserving any reclassed tickets available in their user group, located in their Team’s Ticketing System. This includes:

  • Section, row, seat, and live inventory, all viewable and selectable with just a click!
  • Hold time for tickets are managed by specific guidelines outlined in your team’s ticketing system.

Once your user clicks “reserve”, the ticket is moved to the user’s account:

Users can make changes to their reservations at any time, up to lock out time/date determined by Ticketing Operations.

  • Users can tag a ticket with a Will Call name and any other special instructions they want available to Ticketing Operations.
  • Concierge app options can be selected and ordered by user, based on Ticketing Operations event order form.

Once users place an order, both they and the admin receive confirmation via email/text message, which outlines all requested tickets/items.

  • Users can view event orders simply by opening their ticket app and clicking that specific event.
  • Any event order may be modified or canceled at any time, up to event close time determined by Ticketing Operations.
    Updated order confirmation will be immediately sent to the user and admin via email/text message.
  • User will receive email/text message Confirmation once the User placed order is fulfilled.

You Have Full Backend Control Of

  • Users & user groups
  • Individual event schedule design, including dates, times, and request start and stop dates/times
  • Customizing events by user group
  • Ticketmaster® integration by reclass group
  • Customized data fields by you and several generic data fields can be used for a variety of event request items
  • Image buttons and loading of images (e.g. seating maps, directions, etc.)
  • Admin rights by unique user
  • Proxy rights to allow admins to order for each unique user in a user(s) group(s)
  • User orders are remembered by the app and can easily be modified and updated
  • Confirmation email/text sent to users with each request, verifying individual orders

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