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MVP Interactive Launches AllPass: Elevating Internal Ticketing Solutions for Sports & Entertainment Organizations

AllPass: Effortlessly Distribute Tickets to Key Personnel, Players, and Coaches for Seamless Coordination for all of your Events

Philadelphia, PA – (Thursday, February 29, 2024) MVP Interactive, a leader in immersive fan engagement technology, proudly unveils its latest innovation, AllPass, a seamless internal ticketing solution designed to optimize the way organizations manage key event requests for their executives and key personnel.

AllPass addresses a common challenge faced by teams – coordinating and distributing tickets seamlessly to key personnel like executives, personnel players, and coaches. This web-based concierge ticketing app streamlines the entire ticketing process, offering users a unified platform to manage seat preferences, ticket quantities, and additional accommodations like hotel bookings, daycare, and parking, all through their mobile devices.

James Giglio, CEO, and Founder of MVP Interactive, expressed his excitement about AllPass, stating, 

“With AllPass, we’re taking a bold step in enhancing the internal ticketing experience for sports and entertainment organizations. It’s more than just a ticketing solution; it’s a comprehensive platform for effortless event coordination.”

The platform includes features such as real-time inventory management, mobile ticket requests, seating selection, multi-user access, and security features to provide an enhanced ticketing experience.

AllPass Ticketing Concierge

Key Features Include:

  • Effortless Coordination: Simplify ticketing requests by allowing personnel to order and arrange key event details directly from their mobile devices.
  • Real-time Tracking: Benefit from real-time tracking and reporting features, providing instant insights into ticket status and event details.
  • Advanced User Experience: Open the app, find your event, and seamlessly select seat choices, book hotels, and access VIP passes.
  • Ticket Ops Workflow Solution: AllPass features a robust Ticket Ops Workflow Solution, allowing for reclassification of internal tickets and streamlined event order forms.
  • Integration with Ticketing Software: Direct integration with your ticketing software ensures a smooth process from ticket selection to purchase and distribution.

Giglio added, “AllPass empowers teams with full control over their ticketing operations, from user and group management to event customization. It’s a comprehensive solution that marks a new era in event coordination.”

For more information on AllPass and to request a demonstration, please visit www.mvp-interactive.com/allpass.

About MVP Interactive
MVP Interactive is at the forefront of transforming fan engagement in the Sports and Entertainment industry. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Environmental Design. Our innovative products, including the Morphing Station and Gaming Wall, redefine interactive experiences. From Synq, a digital signage platform, to AllPass, a web-based concierge ticketing app, we offer end-to-end solutions. Our Experiential Media Network democratizes advertising, providing accessible opportunities for venues and securing long-term sponsorship revenue streams. Powered by our proprietary MVP.Live Analytics platform, we prioritize data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Discover more at www.mvp-interactive.com.

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