SYNQ: Your Digital Signage Platform

An interactive platform that curates, manages and displays dynamic media through an easy-to-use CMS.

About SYNQ

SYNQ is a user-friendly digital signage platform that seamlessly blends creativity and technology, offering a vibrant interface for content creation and synchronization through a cloud-based CMS to turn a display into a powerful immersive user experience.


With a Sharp Focus on Sports History and Content

SYNQ was specifically designed to support the needs of university athletic programs, with an array of components well suited to enabling a variety of departmental requirements.



SYNQ was built with robustness top-of-mind. Data is buffered and backed-up in an AWS iteration, while being downloaded to on-device databases in near real-time, for local access to all content, even when network connectivity is lost.


Intuitive and Instant Data Entry

A coherent and easily navigated interface allows correct upload of diverse text and media types into all content areas of the SYNQ functionality.

Key Capabilities

Iterative Knowledge and Experience Deployed

This latest version of MVP’s CMS product serving the University sports community takes our years of learnings in the field and optimizes the process; enabling optimal administrative and user experiences.


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