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A Letter from MVP Interactive’s CEO James Giglio: Welcome 2021

Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going,” and I don’t think there is a better quote for what was 2020. Our resilience was tested, our industry was upended, and our capabilities were challenged. In the end, we preserved and managed uncertain times by demonstrating our expertise across many skill sets, developed new technologies and provided value to our clients and overall marketplace.

Inspired by the change in the world, we took the opportunity to not only rebrand our company with a new logo, website, and marketing collateral, we took on a new identity in being a leader in the Extended Reality (XR) vertical. In many ways, this has always been who we are by blending real world environments with digital experiences; but the evolving marketing/technology landscape has solidified our standing.

As we welcome the New Year with excitement and a positive outlook, please enjoy learning about our new services, technologies and team members that will help define our success in 2021.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading.


James Giglio


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