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Virtual Field Goal at the 2021 Army-Navy Game

MVP Interactive once again partnered with USAA to bring fans two interactive activations at the 2021 Army vs Navy Game. This year we featured two experiences, our legendary Gaming Wall featuring a virtual Field Goal Challenge and a Video Spirit Booth, placing fans right in the action of the game.

Virtual Field Goal & Spirit Booth

The Field Goal Challenge allowed fans to step up to the display and were challenged to kick a field goal. The outdoor, contactless experience logged top scores and sent fans a video to share on social media. To start the experience, fans scanned a QR code, entered into the game, and took their field goal kick.

Fans were then invited to get a custom video using our state-of-the-art Video Spirit Booth. To start the experience, fans entered into the USAA video green screen studio onsite at the game. Once inside the booth, the touchless experience started by having fans simply scan their QR code to start their spirit video capture. Users followed on-screen prompts to record themselves cheering for their chosen team. Immediately after, fans received a video as if they were on location cheering.

virtual field goal kick game


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