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National Sports Forum Fall Summit 2023 – Top Things Brands Miss when Activating with Teams

MVP Interactive’s own 🎤 James Giglio and Natascha French were joined by Lenny Goh of Tradable Bits and 📊 Geoffrey Blosat of Zoomph during The National Sports Forum Fall Summit to discuss the most common mistakes and missed opportunities that brands tend to make when it comes to activations.

Top Things Brands Miss When Activating with Teams

Immersive experiences provide brands an opportunity to enhance the overall effectiveness of a team sponsorship. However, we see too often brands make mistakes with how they activate with teams across experiential, first-party data capture, and media exposure. How can brands optimize consumer interactions, sustain experiences overtime, and create a more authentic and meaningful connection with fans?

Join industry-leading vendors from MVP Interactive, Zoomph, and Tradable Bits to discuss how to implement various strategies, to help you create successful and impactful sponsorships that resonate with fans and deliver on your marketing objectives. Are you leveraging integrated marketing campaigns? Are you capturing first party data effectively? Are you tracking KPIs such as brand awareness, fan engagement, and sales impact to evaluate the effectiveness of your sponsorship? This closed-door session will cover the pains, growth strategies, and real-life examples of what goes wrong and best practices on how to make it right. 


  • Tools to plan an end-to-end strategy when building your next digital activation.
  • How to enrich a fan’s experience using data to create a more personalized and memorable engagement. 
  • How teams can show more value to their sponsors.
  • How to create a narrative that resonates with your audience.
  • Storytelling techniques to create interactive content for fan experiences.
Top Things Brands Miss When Activating with Teams


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