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Detroit Tigers | AR Virtual Jersey

Detroit Tigers | AR Virtual Jersey

The Detroit Tigers recently unveiled their City Connect jerseys, a special edition uniform initiative by Major League Baseball celebrating each team’s unique culture and identity. The Tigers’ jerseys pay homage to Detroit’s rich history, automotive legacy, and iconic sports culture with distinctive design elements that resonate with the local community.

To enhance fan engagement, the Tigers partnered with MVP Interactive to integrate augmented reality (AR) into the launch. Fans could virtually try on the Detroit Tigers jerseys (Home, Away, or City Connect) using MVP Interactive’s MorphingStation™, an interactive kiosk at Comerica Park. This technology allowed fans to connect with the new uniforms and share their experience on social media with photos of themselves in the jerseys.

How it works:
– AR Integration: MVP Interactive’s MorphingStation™ kiosk was set up on the concourse at Comerica Park.
– Virtual Try-On: Fans selected from three jerseys (Home, Away, City Connect), and stood in front of the display to virtually try them on.
– Photo Sharing: Fans received a photo of themselves in the jersey to share on social media.

This AR technology created a fun, interactive experience, generating buzz on social media and within the community. It highlighted the Tigers’ commitment to modern technology and enhanced the fan experience, helping supporters visualize themselves in the new gear and feel a deeper connection to their team.

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