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Top 3 Ways WebAR can Increase Brand Awareness in Sports

As the world begins to regain some resemblance of normalcy, attending in-person events becomes attainable once again. When fans trickle back into stadiums, a huge opportunity for WebAR arises. The following are 3 reasons how WebAR can increase brand awareness during sporting events.

WebAR Increases Fan Engagement

Immersive technology can bring a fan closer to the sporting game. WebAR can help fans better understand the rules of the game quicker than traditional viewing, along with giving fans an opportunity to share their game-time experience. But how?

WebAR can help first time viewers better understand the rules of a sporting game, like knowing key players and showcasing scores – vital aspects of the game that are often overseen. For long-time fans, WebAR can show more in depth stats and player strengths and weaknesses. Using such a level of activity with WebAR, fans of varying levels of interests are able to enjoy the game equally and will in-turn associate the team with the WebAR technology experiences at the game, increasing brand awareness.

With sporting events coming back and fans eager to show their team pride, MVP- Interactive has innovated. Last year, MVP-Interactive and 8th Wall teamed up with the Tennessee Titans to help fans connect with the team during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the very first WebAR mural in the NFL, a huge accomplishment! The Titans-inspired 135’ x 26’ mural in downtown Nashville called “Tennessee Tough” was created by Nashville-local muralist MOBE. Since fans were not allowed in the stadium, the Titans wanted to create an experience that engaged both fans and Tennesseans with the team outside the venue. Our team came up with an interactive WebAR mural that combines creativity, art, technology and sports. Visitors of the mural scan a QR code which triggers the mural to come to life – check it out here. The mural generated over 40 news stories and had a 2,200,000 reach on Twitter.

WebAR Creates a Better User Experience

Incorporating WebAR into sports and fan engagement is fun for everyone; this technology can easily be integrated into billboards and stores at sporting stadiums. In our expert opinion, WebAR is the best way to advertise and engage fans because it has an interactive and community aspect that traditional marketing lacks. Immersive technology allows fans to feel a part of something in a way that traditional marketing does not. Think about it, would you rather see stagnant pictures of Red Sox players throughout the decades, or experience the change in history virtually? We know what we would choose! Interactive experiences also help gather important information about fan bases to help drive targeted customized marketing campaigns. Social media is still the most engaging platform for WebAR experiences. Tech giants like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram allow sports fans to share their virtual experiences at sporting events online – this also helps spread brand awareness. 

We collaborated with the Mexican National Team to create interactive Instagram filters for game time. “Golazo” and “Vamos Mexico” were both from Primetime Sports & Entertainment along with AT&T. These filters gave fans an opportunity to show their support by creating a virtual painted face in the team’s colors and logo. On Father’s Day this past year, we created another virtual face filter with AT&T to show our love to the world’s dads! 

WebAR Experience

By using MVP-Interactive’s WebAR, consumers can use their phone and experience fun and engaging interactive content. The experience can be integrated into other marketing advertising campaigns as well, like in TV and mailers, for instance. Interested in getting a WebAR QR code project started with MVP-Interactive? Fill out this form here.

WebAR Can be Executed ANYWHERE!

WebAR can be triggered in multiple locations with QR code technology; at home on TV, at a sporting event, in a store, etc. There is no distribution limit to WebAR. Kevin Straw, 8th Wall’s director of business development, says, “As WebAR can be accessed via a link, it can easily integrate into the existing marketing mix, distributed via digital ads, sent as part of SMS or email campaigns, or integrated into signage or mailers in the case of QR codes,” The lack of limitations with WebAR benefits brands by creating an endless opportunity for them to engage with multiple fans from anywhere, thus extending their reach to those not only at a sporting event. For example, stadiums can create WebAR portals that allow fans to be ‘transported’ back into their favorite stadium, virtually! Boundlessness is the true beauty of WebAR that allows companies to spread brand awareness.

Our latest digital offering using WebAR technology is the AR Bobble Buddy. Fans can create a unique AR digital bobblehead from their phone, customized with gear from their favorite team. This WebAR feature can be used anywhere! It’s a simple 3-step process that’s 100% digital. First, fans can select their team and can then personalize their avatar from a selection of hairstyles, accessories, and animations. Next, fans can link with their team for real-time engagement. Fans then take a selfie with their camera phone, and within seconds, using our AR technology (app or web-based options), fans can project their virtual Bobble Buddy into their surrounding environment, over real-world objects, and share across social media channels with family and friends. The AR Bobble Buddy provides fun and engaging animated reactions to in-game scoring. Get your brand’s Bobble Buddy started today.

Interested in incorporating WebAR into your team’s next game?

There are a few different ways that MVP-Interactive can incorporate WebAR into in-person events. We offer fun and affordable digital solutions to engage with consumers from everywhere. Imagine viewing and interacting with AR 3D objects in real-time, directly in your mobile web browser. We can capture a celebrity, athlete, or character, and have them appear in the user’s existing environment through a WebAR experience. Check out MVP-Interactive’s AR soccer player here! 

MVP has WebAR Portal technology that allows consumers to open entrances to new and exciting virtual worlds. The technology allows users to place virtual portals in real-world locations, which they can then walk through and be transported into new dimensions. MVP-Interactive also has WebAR face filters. These Instagram & Facebook filters allow fans to add virtual objects to their face – digitally place a helmet on, add face paint, or let it snow. Fans can capture the experience as a video or photo, and immediately share on social media.

Interested in getting a sports WebAR project started with MVP-Interactive? Contact us today!

Top 3 Ways WebAR can Increase Brand Awareness in Sports


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