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MVP.Live is a live engagement cloud platform that tracks and monitors event activity on your bespoke MVP Interactive activations.

Our proprietary platform gives you measurable statistics on how well your experience performs by tracking social engagement, amplification, and distribution of content. Our platform offers easy log-in so you can track everything yourself in real-time.

MVP.Live captures the data you want from your audience:

  • Gender and age-range demographics
  • Audience attention time and foot traffic
  • Audience sentiment
  • Notification (email and SMS) tracking
  • Web & social media metrics
    • Daily user activity
    • Social share metrics (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
    • Page views of user-generated content
    • Content downloads metrics
  • In-app metrics are customizable to your experience

Whether you’re looking to track an existing activation or want to add our audience metrics at your event, MVP.LIVE comes standard with MVP Interactive experiences or offered as a standalone product.

MVP.Live Features

  • Real-time dashboard reporting
  • Track multiple events or campaigns, or multiple touchpoints in a single campaign
  • Review, search, and moderate any content generated by your audience
  • All measurement metrics are GDPR compliant
  • Event notifications (emails and texts) are completely customizable and brandable
  • Customized content landing pages
  • Registration database with email, phone and CRM capture
  • User-generated content management