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MVP Interactive Advertising Network

The most immersive digital out-of-home platform featured in the world’s greatest sports and entertainment venues.

Prepare for the ultimate disrupter in advertising as MVP Interactive unleashes its Interactive Advertising Network, poised to revolutionize the digital out-of-home landscape. 

For venues and teams, the integration of MVP Interactive’s Advertising Network guarantees a continuous stream of advertising revenue while enhancing fan experiences with immersive technology. Moreover, access to valuable data insights enables targeted remarketing efforts and opens doors to potential long-term sponsors.

Key Benefits to Your Organization

  • Indefinite Built-in Revenue: By integrating MVP Interactive’s advertising network, venues and teams can secure a continuous stream of advertising revenue, ensuring financial sustainability for the long term.

  • Data Capture and Remarketing: Through the interactive gaming experiences, venues and teams gain access to valuable data insights about their fan base, enabling targeted remarketing efforts and fostering deeper connections with supporters.
  • Enhanced Fan Experiences: The immersive technology enhances the overall game day experience for fans, creating memorable moments that drive repeat attendance and a one of a kind technology experience for your venue.

  • Opportunities for New Long Term Sponsors: The introduction of interactive advertising opens doors to potential long-term sponsors, offering a unique avenue for brands to align themselves with the excitement and passion of sports and entertainment events. 

Immersive Ads Through Experiential



MVP Interactive’s immersive gaming content promises an unparalleled avenue to elevate fan engagement and drive incremental revenue.

Positioned strategically within underutilized  areas in your venue, our interactive kiosk, GamingWall™, offers advertisers and non-endemic sponsors in-game branding to engage fans with fully immersive experiences with unprecedented dwell times and user generated data.

Select from a series of sports experiences, from football, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, and more.

Football: Quarterback Challenge

This touchless gaming experience places fans in the action as the star quarterback, allowing fans to virtually throw passes to a receiver.  This experience logs top scores and sends fans a video to share on social media. 

Football: Virtual Field Goal

The Field Goal Challenge allows fans to step up to the display where they are given 3 chances to virtually kick a field goal. This contactless experience logs top scores and sends fans a video to share on social media.

Soccer: Virtual Penalty Kick

Fans become the star of the game. Our Virtual Penalty Kick allows fans to an opportunity to shoot penalty kicks against a virtual goalie. Each user receives practice shots, followed by chances to beat the virtual goalie in under a minute. The embedded cameras capture the speed of each kick and points are awarded. After the experience the wall displays a players leader board, and each user receives an photo or video to share on social media. 

Baseball: Home Run Challenge

Inside a fabricated batting cage, fans step up to the plate to take their best swings through a wi-fi enabled bat. Stats like longest home run distance and top scores are logged, along with a video of the fan participating. An integrated touchscreen display allows for easy typing and email distribution so the experience can be shared on social to live beyond game day.

Hockey: Virtual Goalie & Slapshot Challenge

Virtual Goalie: Fans can virtually suit up as a goalie and participate in a full gesture experience where you’re tasked to block as many shots a possible with your hands and feet.

Slapshot Challenge: The Slapshot Challenge allows fans to take shots at a virtual goalie on our interactive GamingWall™.

Basketball: Virtual Hoops

Our interactive virtual hoops game allows fans to get into the action with a fun touchless free throw experience on the concourse, complete with a leaderboard for some competition. 

Tennis: Interactive Match Play

Our interactive virtual tennis experience places fans on the court. Using a wi-fi enabled racket, fans played a match against a virtual player. This fun experience offers a leaderboard, and each user receives an photo or video to share on social media. 

MVP.LIVE Analytics

MVP Interactive’s GamingWall™, integrated with MVP.Live, our robust data analytics dashboard, seamlessly collects valuable first-party user data, offering deep insights into engagement performance.

With every campaign meticulously tracked and measured,  advertisers gain the power to assess effectiveness and fine-tune future strategies. 

Metrics include but not limited to:

  • Demographics

  • Impressions

  • Dwell Time

  • OTS (Opportunity to See)

  • Social media engagement

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